Ocean Freight


Ocean Freight

With over 20 offices throughout Asia, Tanera Transport is able to provide the most competitive rates and space allocation throughout the year.

Full Container Load - FCL.

FCL consignments reduce cargo loss and damage risks, provide speedier transit, and offer more affordability. We will create an FCL shipping solution for your specific needs.

Less Than Container Load - LCL.

LCL is a flexible and cost-effective option for transporting smaller cargo as soon as it's ready instead of waiting for a full container. We will collaborate with you to find an LCL option that meets your budget, schedule, and requirements.

Delivered packages

Full Truck Loads.

Fill the container. We take care of the rest.
Tons of goods

Less than Truck Loads.

Can't wait to fill a container? Ship and pay for the rest space you need. We'll tailor an LCL option to your needs.
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Courier service.

When speed, individualization and specialization of express delivery services matters, parcel delivery becomes optimal transportation mode.
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A Smart Urban Mobility Platform.

In the days before the Internet, selling a business was a slow but straightforward process: The buyer…
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Fraudulent Freight Forwarders.

The activity of Freight Forwarding has been around for many years and there has been a recent resurgence…
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Cargo Theft Statistics & Trends.

Cargo theft can occur anywhere along the supply chain, affecting local logistics, transporters, storage yards,…
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Enabling a Market Solution.

supply chain
Fast growth in ever-expanding global markets, and the need to serve its retail and online clients in Asian markets.
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Adding Value to Supply Chain.

supply chain
Demand to provide the optimal customer experience continues to escalate, and companies must…
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Newest Technology Innovations.

supply chain
Liftomatic Material Handling, a materials handling equipment manufacturer, introduced the…
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Here to Help Your Every Business Need.

Focus on your business. Tanera will assist you with any potential shipping problems and provide the support you need.